Not All Laser Hair Removal Is The Same: What Type Do You Need?

12 April 2017
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If you are thinking about having laser hair removal to avoid having to constantly shave or wax regularly, you need to understand that all laser machines are not designed for all situation. The length and texture of your hair, along with the pigmentation of your skin, are major factors in how well, if at all, a laser machine works. When you first visit with a hair removal technician, ask what type of machines they use. Here is a bit of information to help you understand what is being discussed.

Nd:YAG Laser

If your skin is dark, even if it is due to a tan, you should consider having the treatment done with a Nd:YAG Laser machine. This machine uses longer wavelengths that will pass through the melanin in your skin to the deeper melanin in the hair shafts. This will keep from damaging your skin while destroying the hair in the papilla. This reduces the number of visits and treatments required for permanent hair removal. However, because it is the deepest of the laser treatments, it may cause a bit of irritation or pain during and right after having the procedure done.

Alexandrite Laser

This laser machine works on a number of skin tones and is the preferred one for olive-toned skin. It is also very effective on thin, or fine hairs that other machines may not be able to remove. The wavelength is on the longer side but not as long as the YAG laser. However, the beam is wider and the pulse rate higher than other machines. This means larger areas will be treated with a single beam. Your treatments will be much quicker with this form of laser. Unfortunately, the longer length of the waves may cause a bit of pain or irritation, but not as much as with the YAG laser.

Diode Laser

The diode laser works great on medium-fair skin but can also be used on darker tones with success. It utilizes both long and short wave lengths so it can penetrate deeply yet also catch the fine hairs at the surface of the skin. It is the least damaging laser so it will not bother your fair skin.

No matter which type of laser hair removal treatment you have, it will take a number of trips before your hair is actually gone. The deeper the wavelengths can reach, the more permanent the results. However, if you have fairer skin, going this deep may cause scarring. Discuss what results you should expect and what, if any, problems might arise after leaving the salon. This will keep you from any surprises after you get home. For assistance, talk to a professional like DIAMOND LASER CENTER.