How to Give Yourself the Salon Treatment at Home

14 April 2017
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Thanks to beauty supply stores that sell the same products sold and used at your local salon, you can purchase these same products for a fair price and give yourself the salon treatment at home.

Treatments such as dying your own hair with professional grade hair dye, hair-care and styling products used by the professionals, and manicure/pedicure treatments to make your fingers and toes look beautiful. See below for instructions and tips on how to give yourself a salon treatment at home.

At-Home Coloring

Sure you can color your hair at home using those boxes of hair color purchased at your local big box store or pharmacy, but those may only last a week or so and the color doesn't look nearly as good as the salon products do. 

Here's What You Need:

  • Color
  • Color developer (use permanent or semi-permanent)
  • Measuring bowl (to measure your color)
  • Color applicator brush
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Rubber gloves
  • After-color conditioner
  • Old towels
  • Cape (optional)


1. Begin mixing the color and developer according to the manufacturer's directions and mix them into the bowl (if you purchased a bowl with lines on it, you can measure the color/developer a little easier). 

2. Then section your hair off. You can do so using hair clips to make things easier for you.

3. Paint the color onto your hair using the color applicator brush. You can start at your part (wherever you part your hair), then apply the color to this area first. Begin combing your hair over, then apply the color in each section until you finish one entire side of your head. Then move to the other side of your hair.

4. Once your hair is completely colored, let it set for about 40 minutes to allow the color to set. (Read the manufacturer's direction for an exact set time.)

5. Rinse the color out, then apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair immediately following.

Manicure/Pedicure Treatment

Give yourself a manicure or pedicure at home using products found at your local beauty supply store. Begin by removing any old color on your nails. Then soak your fingers or toes to soften the skin. You can add some epsom salt to the water to help soften your skin. Dry your fingers or toes, then trim back cuticles using cuticle scissors. Trim your nails and file them to make them smooth and even. If you have an uneven nail surface, use a buffer to shine and buff your nails. Finally, apply color or just a clear coat to make your nails pop and shine.

Styling Products

Products such as hair dryers, flat-irons and curling irons can all be found at the beauty supply store, as can the products used by your stylist. Things such as spray wax, hair paste and heat resistant spray can all be found at the supply store. Use the styling products in addition to the styling tools to make it look like you've just left the salon.

Before buying from your salon, check out your local salon supply store like beautysupply123 for the same products and give yourself the same salon treatment at home.