More Hair And Less Time At The Beauty Shop? How To Pull It Off

10 September 2017
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Hair extensions are a popular way for women to make their hair look fuller and longer. Traditional hair extensions, however, tend to be expensive and tedious to put in. You have to spend a couple of hours at the beauty shop or salon and sit very still while the hairdresser puts in the extensions. What if you only want to change your hair's appearance for a single date or event? Or you want more hair in less time it takes to brush what you have? Now you can have just that. Here is how.

Real Hair, Really Short Time

Halo style hair extensions are becoming very popular. These are real hair extensions sewn into a single strip of cloth with an expandable and invisible plastic wire. The whole thing fits over the crown of your head, like a halo, and slides naturally into place. If you do not want people to see that you have "fake" hair, no problem. The "installation process" hides the band and wire from view. All anyone else sees is a fuller head of hair that matches your own color. You can get longer or shorter halo extensions to add fullness wherever you want it.

Faux Pony Tails and Faux Braids

Fake hair extensions made of nylon are attached to pony tail holders. It does not matter how long or short your hair is, so long as there is enough to gather up at the crown or nape of your neck. The pony tail holder wraps and twists around the hair you do have for an instantly full, instantly long or short ponytail. If you want braids, there are other hair elastics that provide lots of little braids, or one long full braid.

Faux Buns and Faux Up-dos

You can also buy hair "extensions" that create the appearance of having a bun or an up-do. These are fun to have around when you are going to a special event, like a wedding. Instead of trying to do your own hair, or paying fifty dollars or more for a beautician to do your hair for you, you bobby-pin your own hair to the back of your head, then bobby-pin these in place over the top. Some also have hair combs attached, which makes it even easier to secure. Try one or more of these fun hair accessories to create gorgeous hair for the next date or special event. Contact a salon, like Hair Faux You, for more help.