Three Things You Can Do To Ensure Better Hair Results At The Salon

30 October 2017
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You've probably had a haircut you were not in love with before. It happens to everyone from time to time--you go in with an image in your mind and walk out with hair that only vaguely resembles that image. Clients are quick to blame the stylist when they're unhappy with their hair results, but the truth is, both you and your stylist share responsibility for how your hair turns out. Your stylist relies on you for guidance to make sure they're giving you the cut and color you really want. Here are a few things you can do to ensure better results at the beauty salon:

Be honest about your hair's history.

Maybe you're embarrassed that you used box dye or had a friend trim your bangs last month. Allowing your embarrassment to cause you to lie to your stylist is never a good idea. If you tell your stylist your hair has not been colored when really there is box dye in it, your stylist may use a different color formula, resulting in a color result that's not what you wanted. Swallow your embarrassment, and be honest with your stylist. You'll get better results because the stylist will know exactly what they're working with.

Bring more than one picture.

The problem with photos is that they don't offer a 360-degree view. It's not uncommon for a client to bring in the photo of the back of someone's hair. You, as the client, may have assumptions as to what the front looks like--but your stylist may have different assumptions. Bring several pictures with you so that you can show your stylist what the front and back should look like. It's okay to bring one picture that shows the color and another that shows the cut, too!

Offer feedback throughout the process.

Don't just sit there until your hair is done and hope you like the results. If you see something that makes you wonder, say something as soon as you notice it. For instance, if you said you wanted to grow out your bangs and your stylist starts trimming them, confirm that they are just removing split ends and not cutting them shorter. When you catch little slip-ups early, it's easier for your stylist to fix them. Don't feel bad about questioning your stylist--they rely on your feedback to make sure they're doing what you want.

Follow the tips above, and you'll emerge from the salon with a cut and color you truly enjoy.