Tips For Successfully Opening Up A Coed Barbershop

15 February 2018
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Barbershops of the past tend to be a place where the men came to get their hair cut, beards shaved, and generally have an informal meetup with friends. If you are opening a new barbershop, it is a good idea to gear it towards males and females. Thre are men and women who enjoy having their hair cut low and receiving fast service from the barbershop. A unisex barbershop means a place for the entire family to get their hair cut, plus more profit for the owners. Here are a few tips for successfully opening up a coed barbershop. 

Stick to the neutrals

Neutral shades will be necessary when opening a barbershop like Manhattan Barbershop for everyone. Black is always a safe color, as is gray if you are looking for the main shade. Select another complimentary color that will be welcoming for a unisex barbershop, such as yellow or orange for a pop of color on the pillows of the couches or in the logos around your salon. In general, sticking to black, brown, and gray will be perfect for your barbershop and make sure that space is not identifiably masculine or feminine in color scheme. 

Hire barbers with a mix of experience

Both male and female barbers should be employed at your establishment with different types of experience. Though everyone should be certified and able to perform the usual haircuts, you should also make sure that some barbers will be proficient at beard shaping and at dying hair. Other barbers should be good with scissors and able to cut nice hairs on low hair. This will allow all types of clients to come into your salon and receive excellent results for the cut that they desire. 

Have a separate waiting room with entertainment

A unisex barbershop means that a lot of families will come with children. In order to make sure that no customers or barbers are disrupted during the service, you should set up a separate waiting room. The room should be like a living space with plenty of couches, chairs, and a television that remains on family-friendly channels for entertainment purposes. Books and magazines for children and adults should also be available. To keep the floor empty and not cluttered, everyone should sign in at the front for their barber servicing, then have their name called when their stylist or barber is ready. This will keep the salon floor quieter and make sure that children have a comfortable and safe waiting space.