Tips To Groom Your Beard Properly

12 November 2018
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Having a beard means more than simply growing hair on your face. A beard should be well-taken care of and treated like the hair on your head. It should look kept up with and maintained to prevent it from looking like a gnarly mess. An unmaintained beard could mean itching or even breakouts on your face, which could be uncomfortable for you. Read on for beard grooming and maintenance tips.


You shampoo your hair, so why not your beard. Your beard can accumulate with oils, or even the food you eat could be getting stuck in your beard. You need to shampoo your beard to help prevent breakouts and oily buildup in your face. Shampooing should be done with a beard shampoo, not a hair shampoo. There is a difference and hair shampoo can not only dry out your face, it can also cause skin irritation, as the skin on your face is more sensitive than your scalp. Look for a beard shampoo at your local pharmacy, barber or specialty shop. Be sure to give your beard a good lather and rinse thoroughly when finished.


After shampooing you should condition your beard as well. Conditioning will help prevent your beard from drying out and causing irritation. If your beard is too try or your skin is too dry, it may cause more oil to produce, which may lead to breakouts. Use a beard conditioner to condition your beard - again, don't use a hair conditioner on your beard, as it may cause further irritation.


Brush your beard daily to keep it smooth and to prevent it from looking unkempt. Brush your beard with a comb or a boar bristle brush. Brush it down and towards the neck to keep it in shape. Brushing can also help to get rid of dry skin cells, which can prevent your skin from itching


Using a beard oil or wax can help keep your beard in place. It can also help to keep your skin and your beard hair moisturized. Look for a beard moisturizing products from your local pharmacy, barber or beauty product store to use on your beard. You'll notice a difference in your beard and your skin after using this type of product on your beard.

Grooming your beard is a must when you have one to prevent it from looking too gnarly and to prevent it from itching too badly. Look for a beard grooming kit that has all of these products in it to groom your beard properly.