Losing Your Hair? What To Do

19 April 2019
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Both men and women experience hair loss, usually related to health, age, or even environmental stresses. If you are losing your hair, you want to take control of your condition to either halt or reverse the process as soon as you can. But what do you do? There are a few ways you can improve hair health; use this guide to assist you.

See a specialist

The first thing you need to do is identify what is causing your hair loss. How long have you been losing your hair? Do you suffer from this issue periodically or is it sudden? Is your hair falling out in patches or all around?

A hair specialist will assist you in locating the damage to your hair and what is making your hair fall out. Your doctor can refer you to a specialist or, if your condition is related to stress or a medical problem, can diagnose you in their office in many cases. Write down all your concerns about your hair and ask about treatments, such as hair loss conditioners and shampoos.

Start taking nutrients

You can take anti–hair loss treatments for your hair, skin, and nails. Take vitamins containing biotin and other nutrients that are vital to your hair and overall health. When you strengthen your hair shaft and follicles from within, you help reduce or eliminate hair loss. If you're not sure what to take internally for hair loss, speak to a hair specialist or your doctor. They will help you select the right nutrition for your needs.

Change your hair care routine

You will need to change the way you take care of your hair in order to see results in making your head of hair fuller and more vital. Begin with the way you wash and condition your hair. Your conditioner should be free of sulfates and parabens and instead full of nutrition that will encourage hair growth. An anti–hair loss conditioner, which you can get from your stylist, your doctor, or even a hair restoration specialist, will help improve your chances of getting a fuller head of hair back.

There are other products you can use to keep your hair healthier, such as oils, deep conditioning treatments, shampoos, and more. Consider different brands of hair loss treatments before selecting the one that will work best for your needs. If you have questions about how these products work, speak to a hair care professional.