4 Ways To Get An Instant Hair Makeover

19 February 2021
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Gorgeous hair is a head-turning feature that can make you look more attractive. If you're unsatisfied with your current hairstyle or feel that your hair looks limp and lifeless, a hair makeover might be just what you need. The stylists at a hair salon have all the tools and techniques required to make your hair look as radiant as possible. Here are four ways to get an instant hair makeover:

1. Lengthen your hair instantly with hand-tied hair extensions

Long hair can allow you to achieve many hairstyles. Long hair can be easily twisted into elaborate updos or sporty braids. It can also be curled and worn loose for a flirty, glamorous look. If you love the appearance of long hair but don't want to wait years to achieve it naturally, you can take advantage of hand-tied hair extensions. These hair extensions are made from natural human hair, so they behave just like natural hair. Each weft of hair will be expertly tied in a knot near your scalp for a firm, stable hold.

2. Utilize hand-tied hair extensions to increase your hair volume

Thick, voluminous hair can be glamorous and sexy. However, the thickness of your hair is largely determined by your genes. If you have naturally straight, thin hair, you can still get the appearance of voluminous hair with the help of extensions. Hand-tied hair extensions can add extra thickness to your hair so you can achieve big, gorgeous hairstyles that compliment your features.

3. Take advantage of balayage highlights

If you're happy with the current length of your hair but feel bored with your hair color, consider getting highlights. Highlights are a great option for people who don't want to completely change the color of their hair but would like to add more depth. Balayage is a specific method of highlight application. When you choose balayage, a stylist will hand-paint lightening agents on your hair. This method of application will allow you to achieve rich, multi-dimensional highlights that look completely natural.

4. Don't forget to consider lowlights as well

People with lighter hair may not want to bleach their hair. If you want to change the color of your hair without lightening it, you can take advantage of lowlights. Like highlights, lowlights can be painted on using a balayage technique. Lowlights are used to darken a person's hair in strategic locations, which can create a deeper, richer color.

Contact a local hair salon to learn more about hand-tied extensions and balayage treatments.