All About The Mohawk

17 June 2021
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Of all the many men's haircuts, few are as well-known as the mohawk. The sides of the head are shaved, but a strip of hair is left along the center of the head. Some see the mohawk as being a bold, rock-and-roll type statement. Others see it as a more cultural and historical style. If you're considering getting a mohawk, either now or at some point in the future, then keep reading to learn a bit more about this men's hair cut.

What are the origins of the mohawk?

The mohawk hairstyle is most commonly said to be named after the Mohawk people, an indigenous tribe from New York. The Mohawks pulled the hair out of the sides of their heads to create the style, rather then shaving the sides of their heads. So, today's mohawk hair style is quite a modernized version of this original.

Over the years, the mohawk has faded in and out of popularity. It was a common style worn by paratroopers in the U.S. Air Force during World War II. More recently, it was donned by many punk rock singers in the 1990s.

What variations of the mohawk are available?

If you walk into a barbershop and ask for a mohawk, your barber is going to ask you a few questions before they start cutting your hair. This is to establish what type of mohawk style you really want. A true mohawk with the sides shaved and a narrow strip of hair left down the center is just one option. A softer, more modern variation has the hair to the sides cut short, but not buzzed. Then, there's the really dramatic deathhawk, a style in which the center hair is left excessively long so it can flow down the back of the head.

Some men also prefer a fauxhawk. This is a style similar to the mohawk, but the hair on the sides of the head gradually becomes longer to the center, and the hair is combed to the center. The fauxhawk is somewhat edgy, but less so than the true mohawk.

How do you style a mohawk?

Most men who wear true mohawks style them with a firm hold hair gel, or even with hair glue. This is necessary in order to get the hair to stand on end. Fauxhawks and shorter mohawks may be able to be styled with a softer gel or with mousse. Either way, the hair generally needs to be re-styled each day to keep the look fresh.

Now that you know more about the mohawk, you can walk into the barbershop and ask for one with confidence. Good luck!