Attend Esthetics School And Begin A Career In The Beauty Industry

26 April 2022
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If you have an interest in beauty and a knack for applying cosmetics, you may be interested in a career as an esthetician. When you're licensed as an esthetician, you can provide beauty treatments to your clients to help them have more attractive and healthy skin. You can eventually provide makeup services for brides and others for their special events. Here's an overview of getting started as an esthetician.

Learn The Requirements In Your State 

The first step is to find out your state's requirements for licensing. If you plan to move once you graduate from esthetician school, be sure to know the requirements for the state where you plan to work since licensing requirements might vary by state.

Your state requirements include the number of educational hours you'll need to sit for the licensing exam. Knowing this requirement helps you choose the right esthetician school.

Choose Your Esthetics School

Look for a school that provides at least the minimum number of hours to obtain your license. However, some schools may offer more hours if they provide advanced classes. So, look at the classes you're offered too, and how long you have to go to school before you can graduate and enter the workforce.

Esthetics school is a trade school rather than a college course, so you'll finish your training quicker than if you go for a college degree. That also means you won't need to take electives, such as English and speech. All of your classes are based on different aspects of beauty treatments and makeup artistry. However, you might also have some business classes so you're prepared to set up your own beauty practice if that's your goal.

You may also want to consider a master's esthetician program. The classes are much more involved and prepare you to work in a med spa where more advanced treatments are given.

You can complete basic esthetician training and then take the master course later or start by taking both the basic and master classes in the same program. Your state will also have requirements for the classes you take to sit for the separate master esthetician examination.

Take Your Licensing Exam

Once you've taken all of your classes and graduated from esthetics school, you're ready to take the state licensing examination. In addition, you may need to have proof of other classes, such as HIV training.

You'll need to pay a fee for your license, and you'll need to renew it periodically. Your state also has requirements for renewing an esthetician license that may include a certain number of continuing education credits before you can renew.

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