Seven Ways To Make Your Search For A New Hair Salon More Effective And Productive

11 April 2017
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If you are looking for a new hair salon, then it pays to know a few search hints in advance. Below are several ways to make your search more productive and to ultimately locate the perfect salon as result. Take a Secret Visit When looking for a new hair salon, it can pay to make an "undercover" visit to the salon. That doesn't mean you need to do anything super secretive; instead, just stop in for a few minutes without saying anything to the staff, and watch what is happening. Read More 

Waxing Myths You Shouldn’t Buy Into

28 March 2017
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Waxing is one of the most common and lasting methods for basic hair removal. Unfortunately, some people avoid waxing or some open themselves up for unnecessary injury because of commonly believed waxing myths. Learn more about these myths and the truth behind them before deciding if waxing is not right for you. 1. Waxing gives you infections. While skin can sometimes be irritated after your first waxing session, waxing should never cause infection when done well. Read More