Tips To Groom Your Beard Properly

12 November 2018
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Having a beard means more than simply growing hair on your face. A beard should be well-taken care of and treated like the hair on your head. It should look kept up with and maintained to prevent it from looking like a gnarly mess. An unmaintained beard could mean itching or even breakouts on your face, which could be uncomfortable for you. Read on for beard grooming and maintenance tips. Read More 

Tips For Effectively Using Acne Cream

15 August 2018
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If you have acne and want is to be less visible, there are many different paths that you can take. While gently washing your skin and reducing your stress can be two viable options, you may need to get some extra help in the form of acne cream. There are many such creams available on the market that you can buy from your local pharmacy. While you'll always want to carefully follow the usage instructions on any such product that you buy, here are some tips for effectively using acne cream. Read More 

Be Ready For Anything With A Custom -Made First-Aid Kit

21 May 2018
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With summer approaching and kids spending more times outdoors, bumps, scrapes, bruises and even allergic reactions are inevitable. As routine as these minor issues are, it's easy to get caught unprepared and have to scramble to treat the result of your child's mishaps. Head off emergency trips to the pharmacy by building a kit with useful first-aid items. Better yet, make two: one for home, and one for the car. Here are some of the essentials your kit might contain: Read More 

Tips For Successfully Opening Up A Coed Barbershop

15 February 2018
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Barbershops of the past tend to be a place where the men came to get their hair cut, beards shaved, and generally have an informal meetup with friends. If you are opening a new barbershop, it is a good idea to gear it towards males and females. Thre are men and women who enjoy having their hair cut low and receiving fast service from the barbershop. A unisex barbershop means a place for the entire family to get their hair cut, plus more profit for the owners. Read More