3 Benefits Of Using Cold Caps During Chemotherapy

10 April 2017
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Chemotherapy is one of the physically and emotionally draining processes that a person can undergo, and more often than not, a patient feels that there is little they have control over. This extends to physical side effects -- one of the most prominent among them being hair loss. Fortunately, there is an option available to many patients - known simply as cold caps - that can minimize hair loss during chemotherapy sessions. Put simply, it works by cooling the scalp so that follicle cells don't fall prey to rapid division and disintegration. For further information about the advantages of cold caps, keep reading below.


Of course, the cost of cold caps will vary from person to person, and depend primarily on the number of required treatment sessions. But many patients discover that the cost of renting cold caps is actually equal to or less than the cost of buying a wig. Many of those who undergo chemotherapy (and the subsequent hair loss) are uncomfortable wearing wigs, and would prefer to have their own hair or none at all. If you find yourself in this camp, cold caps are almost certainly the most cost effective option to keep most of the hair you currently have.


Beyond cost, there are huge intangible benefits to wearing cold caps. One of the biggest is the feeling that you can maintain your identity throughout chemotherapy. Though it may seem odd to someone who has not undergone the chemo process, the presence of hair plays a massive role in establishing an identity linked to your appearance. Though thinning of hair is almost inevitable whether or not you use cold caps, the likely prevention of bald spots (and the resulting comfort in still being able to style your hair) is a big reason in and of itself to use cold caps. 


Another big advantage of using cold caps is that they aren't considered unsafe or risky. Of course, you should always consult with your oncologist before beginning chemotherapy, but by and large the biggest drawback reported by cold cap users is the discomfort in feeling the freezing gel come into contact with their scalp. While this certainly isn't a pleasant experience, you can rest easy knowing that you won't have to deal with any further complications or take any additional drugs in conjunction with cold caps. They're safe to use and available in many medical facilities.