Avoid Making These Common Mistakes In The Hairdresser's Chair

20 September 2017
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Whether you're visiting your hairdresser to receive the standard haircut that you've sported for years, or you're looking for something unique, you want to be sure that you look your best when you climb out of the chair. Part of your ability to look your best depends on the hairdresser's aptitude, but you can also play a role toward this goal. Many hair salon customers make simple mistakes that can compromise the quality of their haircut. Here are some such mistakes and why you should avoid making them.

Talking Too Much

While it's true that conversing with your hairdresser can be a pleasant way to pass the appointment, too much talking isn't necessarily a good idea. Talking excessively can be distracting to your hairdresser, making it difficult for him or her to cut your hair in the way that you've requested. The last thing you want to have happen is for your hairdresser to be so distracted listening to you that he or she doesn't cut a certain area in the way that you want. Some conversation is fine, but it's important to allow for some quiet time, too. This is especially important if you're getting a new haircut or one that includes a number of challenging elements.

Using Your Smartphone

Some people enjoy using their smartphone during the hair salon visit, but it's best to put your phone in your pocket when you move from the waiting area to the hairdresser's chair. When you're engrossed in watching a video, for example, you might not be aware when you move slightly, and this will make the hairdresser's job more difficult as well as risk a problem with your haircut. If you're actively using the phone by sending text messages, for example, your shoulders and arms will be moving. This can lead to some movement of your neck and head, which can lead to the same potential result.

Eating Or Drinking

Eating or drinking in the hairdresser's chair is often seen as a breach of hair salon etiquette, but snacking while you get your hair cut could potentially complicate the job for your hairdresser. For example, if you're vigorously chewing something while your hairdresser trims you up, your jaw will be moving up and down, and so will your head. This can be problematic during the finer points of the haircut. For example, when your hairdresser is adjusting the length of the hair on the sides of your head, the last thing you want is for your jaw to be bouncing up and down. It's better to skip the food and drink entirely.

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