Tips For Effectively Using Acne Cream

15 August 2018
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If you have acne and want is to be less visible, there are many different paths that you can take. While gently washing your skin and reducing your stress can be two viable options, you may need to get some extra help in the form of acne cream. There are many such creams available on the market that you can buy from your local pharmacy. While you'll always want to carefully follow the usage instructions on any such product that you buy, here are some tips for effectively using acne cream. Should you fail to get the desired results, plan to visit your family doctor or a dermatologist for help.

Apply With A Swab

While many people squirt a little acne cream onto their fingertip and then apply it directly to the problem area on their face, there's a better way of going about the application process. Instead of using a finger, squeeze a little cream onto the tip of a cotton swab, and then gently transfer the cream to the acne. This process will allow you to apply the cream more precisely than on your fingertip, which means that the cream will be right on top of each pimple, rather than also on the skin that surrounds it. Additionally, you won't get bacteria from your finger into the cream, where it could spread inside the tube and perhaps be detrimental to your skin later on.

Avoid Overdoing It

When you're keen on getting rid of your acne, you might feel that it's necessary to apply cream several times throughout the day. While your specific product will indicate exactly how much you should use it, you should generally avoid overdoing this process. Allow the cream to work on the acne and, when the cream appears to have worn off, remember that this will allow your skin to breathe a little, which can be effective for the healing process, too.

Discontinue And Change Products

If you look at the various acne creams available on the market, you'll see that the active ingredients in some of them can differ. If you find that one particular cream isn't working for you — perhaps you're not seeing a reduction in your acne or, worse, the cream could be irritating the skin around the point of application — you should discontinue use of this product. Instead of giving up, revisit the pharmacy and look for an alternative product that uses a different active ingredient.

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