Four Phenomenal Balayage Styles For Every Woman

16 July 2019
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Hair is naturally multidimensional. The strands of your hair are all slightly different colors, whether from exposure to the sun or just natural variation. That's why box dye can sometimes leave your hair looking flat and lifeless: a single color looks unnatural when applied to your whole head. Highlights can enhance this effect, giving you even more radiant hair. Balayage styling is one particular highlighting method that offers unbeatable results. Instead of applying highlights to your hair using foils or a cap, balayage highlights are hand-painted. Your stylist will use their expert eye to place highlights where they'll suit you best. Here are four exceptional balayage styles you can try:

1. Beachy Highlights

When you're getting ready for summer, nothing is more seasonally appropriate than honey blonde highlights. No matter what color your natural hair is, your stylist can choose the perfect blonde for you. Warm tones are best for summer because they look like natural sun-bleached highlights. Spray a little texturizing serum into your hair for a tousled look full of easy waves.

2. Ash Blonde Ombre

An ombre is a two-toned effect. Traditionally, ombre hair starts off dark at the root and fades into brighter, highlighted hair. Using a balayage technique, your hairstylist will perfectly blend the two colors together so there are no harsh lines. This will leave you with a style that's eye-catching and sophisticated. Ash-blonde is cooler in tone than its honey blonde counterparts. That makes it perfect for winter or for people with cooler complexions.

3. Lowlights

If you have naturally light hair, you may not want to lighten it any further. Fortunately, you can still add dimension to your hair by getting lowlights. Lowlights can be painted on just like highlights can. In this case, instead of using peroxide to bleach the hair, your stylist will paint on a hair color perfectly mixed to suit your existing color.

4. Fashion Colors

Balayage highlights don't need to be restricted to natural hair colors. It can be a great way to try out fashion colors without a lot of commitment. After your stylist lightens your hair using balayage, they can color the highlighted portions of your hair with the fashion dye of your choice. Combine blue, green, and teal to feel like a mermaid or rock pink and purple like a fairy princess. Fashion colors fade quickly, so you can try the whole rainbow if you'd like.