Bath Salts: What To Look For When You Have Relaxation In Mind

22 April 2021
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Bath salts are a simple combination of Epsom salts and sea salts, but often bath salts can be just Epsom salts. Some relaxation bath salts contain essential oils and carrier oils to keep the skin smooth and to avoid irritation while offering a pleasing scent and calming sensations. You can buy relaxation bath salts and handcrafted bath salts at your local natural health foods store, beauty supply store, salon, or massage parlor.

When you want relaxation bath salts, you're after more than just the uplifting sensation of bath salts on your skin. You're after the relaxing components these bath salts can bring you as well. With relaxation in mind, here is a guide to help you choose the best bath salts for your needs.

Look for bath salts with soothing components

Soothing components should be the main feature in relaxation bath salts. Your bath salts should feature something like coconut oil to make skin less itchy and more hydrated, and soothing scents that inspire calm, such as lemongrass or soft vanilla. When buying relaxation bath salts, look for handcrafted bath salts that have components that will inspire a restful, relaxing bath while also doing your body good and leaving you feeling smoother and more comfortable than before you bathed.

Make sure that any bath salts you choose have Epsom salts in them because the higher levels of magnesium in these salts naturally calm and soothe sore, aching muscles. Natural sea salt — not table salt — is also necessary for relaxation bath salts to be most effective and beneficial for the body.

Look for bath salts with relaxing essential oils

There are many essential oils that are associated with calm and relaxation, including lavender. Soothing aromas coming from essential oils can help you feel even more relaxed and at ease, especially if your muscles are tight and you have a headache or body aches from illness, stress, anxiety, or lack of sleep.

When using relaxation bath salts with essential oils, make sure there are also carrier oils in the mixture. This way, essential oils that may be too strong for the skin on their own — like tea tree or grapeseed oil — can be combined with jojoba, almond, or coconut oil for a safe and relaxing bath salts experience.

Choose a local specialist in handcrafted bath salts to buy your bath salts from, or buy your relaxation bath salts online. You can make your baths more enjoyable and relax your body and mind when you choose the best bath salts for your needs.