The Most Popular Haircuts For Men That Can Make Guys Look Their Best

19 August 2021
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Men who need haircuts don't have to settle for generic cuts that don't let them show off their individual styles. There are many styles of cuts for men that can work well for the most refined gentleman as well as the most rugged guy. These popular haircuts for men can make men of different ages and lifestyles look their best.

Crew Cut

Crew cuts for men have long been popular and have continued to make guys look stylish through the years. Known for being short on the sides and back and longer on the top, the crew cut is sometimes regarded as a classic military haircut but can be suitable for men from all walks of life. A crew cut can be maintained easily between haircuts with a few minor trims and touchups. Men with crew cuts usually have an easy time washing and styling their hair.

Disconnected Undercut

For something that's even shorter on the sides, the disconnected undercut can help a man express his individuality. Some men choose to keep the length of the hair on top longer than the crew cut while having the sides and back almost completely removed. Pairing this haircut with a beard can make a man look particularly dashing.

Caesar Cut

Made famous by the Roman leader Julius Caesar, the Caesar cut became especially popular in the 90s but is still one of the cuts for men that's in high demand. The Caesar cut involves cutting the bangs so that they are one distinct length across the forehead while giving the sides, back, and top a precision cut. This haircut can help any man achieve a crisp, clean look.  

Fade Cut

To create a fade cut, the stylist cuts the sides and back to give the hair a tapered look. The upper level of hair is thicker and the lower level becomes thinner as the hair tapers downward. Men can choose a high, low, or mid fade depending on their hairline preferences.

Buzz Cut

Men who want to have a head of hair that's short all over often choose the buzz cut for that peach-fuzz look. This haircut is often completed with clippers and trimmers to shape the hairline attractively. The buzz cut is an especially popular choice for men who don't want to have to worry about styling their hair with combs, brushes, and grooming products even after first getting out of bed. 

When it comes to haircuts for men, there are many options that can help guys achieve the looks that they want. A knowledgeable hairstylist can suggest different hairstyles that can help enhance a man's appearance.