Cut, Color, And Style Options For Thinning Hair

17 October 2022
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Thinning hair that is turning grey may make a man appear to be older than his true age. The following cut, color, and style suggestions can restore a more youthful appearance.

Texture And Coverage

A man's hair often becomes thinner as he ages. Hair follicles may produce strands that aren't as coarse as they once were. Some hair follicles may stop producing strands altogether. A lighter pigmentation, combined with a thinner texture, can make it difficult for a man to style his hair as he is accustomed. If pattern baldness is also evident, it may be time for a man to consider having his hair cut much shorter along the sides and back of his head.

A shorter style will aid with camouflaging signs of balding. Instead of someone taking note of long, thin strands that are only located along the sides and back of a man's head, the shorter style will provide more uniformity which may detract attention from a bald spot.

Concealing Strategies And Style Options

A temporary or permanent dye can be used to restore a man's natural hair color or to highlight parts of the hair. A barber or a hair stylist may first wash and cut a client's hair. Once doing so, they will consult with a client about the color change that they are seeking. A man may have a grey goatee or beard, but darker hair color. Grey strands could also be visible throughout a client's hair. A hair coloring agent will provide a subtle or dramatic color change.

The type of haircut that a man seeks will influence how he may choose to style his hair. Once a coloring agent has been rinsed out, a stylist will use various grooming tools to style a client's hair. If a client chooses to leave longer strands on the top of their head and have the sides and back cut shorter, they may wish to have a volumizing product added to their hair.

A product that is designed to add volume to hair may provide the illusion of thicker, fuller hair strands. Some volumizing products are heat-activated. Observing a stylist's techniques will help a client learn how to style their hair on their own. If a buzz cut or another short hairstyle has been selected, a man may not need to use any styling techniques or products. This type of style will be easy to care for. 

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